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Hello, my name is Tonya Cravener and I am a student at I.U.P. I graduated from Elderton High School which is a very small town about ten minutes from here. This is the first time I have made a web page and I think that it is interesting. We are doing this for my college writing class. My major is Secondary Spanish Education and I hope to become a teacher. I am only a freshman here and I really like it. Some of the things that I am interested in are volleyball and Spanish. I am in the Spanish club and may possibly play volleyball here at school next year.

Tonya Cravener
404 Lawrence Hall
Indiana, PA 15705
United States


As I said before, my name is Tonya and I am a freshman at IUP. There are many things that I enjoy to do in my free time outside of school work. I enjoy playing volleyball with my sister and my friends. I played for six years in high school. I liked playing so much because we always made it to the playoffs and most of the time, we even made it to the state championships. Another thing that I enjoy is learning the Spanish language. I took four years in high school and I just loved it and it came very easy to me. After my second year, is when I then decided that Spanish is what I wanted to major in at college. I also enjoy being with little kids. I have babysat my little cousin for the past three years, throughout school and also during the summer. This is the first year that I have not watched him and it is very hard to adjust to. Finally, I also like spending time with my family and my friends from school.